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A continually evolving five-month exhibit featuring contributions by regional, national and international artists. Refreshing, inspiring presentation of work on this intriguing theme ranges from representational, contemporary and folk art to humorous and the most sacred.

Press Release:

The Encyclopedia of Religion describes sacred art as a lens which focuses on an object and reveals that object as bearer of religious meaning. Stacey Hurlin, Emerald Gallery owner, believes that sacred art has a wider meaning, encompassing more than is typically found in religious perspectives, and that the Sacred can be found everywhere.

This lofty theme can be experienced at The Light of God exhibit opening May 1st at Emerald Gallery. Says Hurlin, “Sacred art calls for a commitment, from both the artist and the viewer, to affirm both our relative smallness and our absolute bigness”. Emerald Gallery is one of several art venues on the Fairfield square.

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An elevating experience begins immediately upon entering the gallery door. The Stairway (to Heaven), a multi-channel sound installation, takes the visitor from the profane to the celestial, as one climbs to the second floor 2,500sf gallery space. Allen Cobb, President of Fairfield's ICON Gallery, has interwoven a sensory experience of expanding awareness with Stacey Hurlin's mixed media installation of Angels on High.

"There are numerous metaphors here to play with," says Cobb. "Entering on the level of the profane, mundane noise gradually falls away as one ascends to the purer vibrations of the sacred, a sonic model of the rise to higher states of consciousness."

As with other Emerald Gallery exhibits, artists from far and wide are represented in The Light of God, including artists from Ukraine, Vietnam, India, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil, and Greece. Local artists include Kasie Clemmons, John Preston, Danielle Shier, Elaine Duncan, Lawrence Sheaf, Cris Soth, and Pam Whitworth. Art works in a wide variety of media are involved, including sculpture, painting, fiber arts, photography, and glass. Notes Hurlin, “For this exhibit, I have sought artists whose work radiates the sublime feeling of the Sacred.”

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The exhibit will be refreshed frequently by new work arriving throughout the five months. Says Hurlin, “With this exhibit, I hope we have created a pilgrimage of sorts for all people to enter and enjoy over and over again. The art of sacred inspiration can motivate us, inspire us and engage our higher selves. It seems to me that the history of art is, in fact, nothing other than the history of mankind’s attempt to creatively capture and express the sacred. In the broadest sense, there is no other art.”

The gallery’s regular hours are 12:00 to 4:30 Wednesday through Saturday, and most Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00. The gallery is also open at other hours from time to time. Please call (641) 472-8135 for additional hours.

Emerald Gallery participates in Fairfield’s 1st Fridays Art Walk and will open at 6:00 on Art Walk evenings. Emerald Gallery is on the West side of the Fairfield Square, 54 1/2 N. Main Street, second floor.

Emerald Gallery is known for presenting ArtLife Society’s Annual International Small Works Show.

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