Lynne Marshall
Floating & Flying Through History

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All those who have ever been intrigued by Fairfield's “yogic flying” programs will be highly interested in a new and extraordinary art show by North Carolina artist, Lynne Marshall: Floating and Flying Through History, an exhibit of twelve, exquisite watercolor illustrations depicting historical accounts of people who could fly.

The exhibition's title is derived from a section in the forthcoming book by Dr. Craig Pearson, The Complete Book of Yogic Flying. The book provides intellectual understanding of the experience of flying, scientific research into the mechanics and profound benefits that result from the practice — particularly the possibility for creating world peace — and stories of some of the many people throughout history who have had the ability to float or fly through the air.

Dr. Pearson chose Marshall to illustrate some of these historical accounts principally because of her exceptionally refined and delicate portrait work. According to Marshall, “My task was to demonstrate in the paintings that which is common to all these historic experiences.”

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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the foremost proponent of yogic flying for world peace, identifies thatcommonality as “effortlessness, of lightness of body and unbounded awareness, irrespective of the era or culture in which it occurred.”

The exhibit will include excerpts from Dr. Pearson's book. For example, “Individuals reputed to have been able to float and fly are, in almost every case, regarded as the most highly developed in their culture - the saints of Europe, the yogis of India, the arahants of east Asia, the of clever men Australia. Floating and flying are invariably associated with advanced human development."

Born in South Africa, and former resident of Fairfield for 9 years, Marshall is co-owner of Chip&Scribble Fine Art Studio in North Carolina. Though the range of her art work is very broad in terms of style, content and technique, her overriding intention is to create art that uplifts the heart and inspires harmony in the viewer.